Maintenance Optimisation

For a client in the waste and renewable energy, we have implemented a maintenance management system for the organic waste processing installations.

To this end, the installations are first completely tagged. The employees are trained, guided and supported in working with the Enterprise Asset Management system (EAM). For a new organic waste and gas processing installation at another customer location we have also introduced the EAM system.

We provided preventive maintenance concepts for all these installations. In addition, we act as a source of information for various maintenance registration issues and provide appropriate advice and solutions.

We also ensure that the P&IDs remain up to date, tag the new installations and ensure that everything is registrated in the EAM system.

More projects

Aluchemie Botlek

Implementation AX2012 Dynaway EAM

For Aluchemie in Rotterdam, part of Rio Tinto and Hydro, we provided the implementation, migration and optimisation of the Microsoft AX maintenance module Dynaway EAM.


Maintenance Optimisation

A government agency has asked STEAM Consultancy's senior business consultant to carry out a review on their maintenance optimisation by means of RCM.

leidinggevende in fabriek of plant

Maintenance Optimisation

For a variety of challenges we are approached by clients. One of the ongoing projects is the processing of work orders and small changes in the asset management system set up by STEAM Consultancy.