IFS Ultimo EAM software is based on more than thirty years of thorough knowledge and experience in the maintenance processes of a width variety of branches. Enterprise Asset Management for industry is focused on having oversight and grip on the assets and work processes. The IFS Ultimo platform offers several flexible industry solutions enabling customized processes.

The IFS Ultimo Enterprise software has a rich functionality with additional and scalable modules for all types of devices. Enabling efficient work processes is done by functionality for scheduling, monitoring, optimisation and execution of the maintenance work.

The use of IFS Ultimo helps to increase reliability and availability of assets, enlarges cost consciousness and result driven management. The user friendly maintenance management software of IFS Ultimo is a key part of the EAM platform managing the assets and process in an optimal manner.

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IFS Ultimo EAM

Met de EAM software van IFS Ultimo uw processen optimaliseren en maximale beschikbaarheid van assets zichtbaar maken. Efficiënte implementaties, naadloze integraties en self service applicatiebeheer zijn kenmerkend voor IFS Ultimo EAM. Eén platform om alle assets te voorzien van de juiste informatie en cruciale signaleringen.

Het IFS Ultimo EAM systeem onderscheidt zich door voorgedefinieerde industry solutions. Deze zijn flexibel in te richten en aan te passen aan de processen en wensen van de klant. IFS Ultimo EAM is een integraal systeem in lijn met de grootte en groei van de organisatie en wordt veelvuldig ingezet in de industrie, logistiek, gezondheidszorg, infra en utilities.

De EAM software van IFS Ultimo helpt klanten bij het beheer van fysieke assets zowel intern als extern. Met goed ingerichte EAM processen kunnen onderhoudsafdelingen het gebruik en de prestatie van de assets verbeteren, de levensduur verlengen en onderhoudskosten beheersen. IFS Ultimo EAM is slimme technologie, gebruiksvriendelijk en van absolute meerwaarde voor onze klanten.

IFS Ultimo Software

IFS Ultimo EAM software helps companies to achieve their uptime goals. Maintenance work can be planned, scheduled and executed in effective and efficient manner. With the software of IFS Ultimo you can increase the lifespan of your assets and increase the added value of these assets. Valuable knowledge of your assets is stored in the EAM software. The control and management of maintenance costs, budgets and costs efficient working by means of mobile software are some of the possibilities of IFS Ultimo software. Enterprise asset management software of IFS Ultimo makes it possible to implement efficient and customised maintenance processes.

The scalable software gives insight and enables result management ad cost control. IFS Ultimo software gives companies the means to optimise maintenance processes and gives structure to policies and ongoing obligations. The planning, scheduling, optimisation, execution and follow up is captured in the smart software solution of IFS Ultimo EAM. Additional modules for further integration on HSE, facility and Service management are also available.

IFS Ultimo Partner

Being an advanced IFS Ultimo partner Michiel Dekker of STEAM Consultancy and his team has more than 25 years of experience implementing and optimising EAM systems across the Netherlands and Western Europe for a diversity of industrial customers. As Advanced Partner of IFS Ultimo and system integrator we are able to translate and implement specific and in depth customer demands and wishes into IFS Ultimo EAM solution. This makes us the interface between the customer and the IFS Ultimo system, resulting in seamlessly implemented maintenance processes.

By the intensive cooperation we are able to help our customers in the most efficient way. STEAM Consultancy strongly believes in a transparent cooperation combined with the joint strength and knowledge. As Advanced IFS Ultimo partner we supply optimal added value to our customers based by implementing the user friendly and flexible software of IFS Ultimo seamlessly on the customer processes.

IFS Ultimo Implementation

STEAM Consultancy has done a large IFS Ultimo implementation at HVC. HVC is an energy and waste management company owned by 50 municipalities and 6 water boards. The specific department of HVC being responsible for the maintenance of the waste collection containers and trucks.

One of the biggest customer challenges before the introduction of IFS Ultimo was the large diversity of processes and differences between the branches and locations. The locations are ex-municipal maintenance workshops, each with its own processes and master data.

IFS Ultimo’s Fleet management module is used for the maintenance of the HVC trucks. The Technical Service module is used for the maintenance of the waste collection containers. The mechanics executing the maintenance of the containers off site (residential areas) are using the mobile solution, IFS Ultimo GO. Container management also uses the IFS Ultimo GO+ to set the GPS coordinates into the system. This enables efficient and dynamic waste management collection as the precise location of the waste container is known.

The customer invoicing processes have also been implemented in IFS Ultimo. For example, when maintaining the vehicles of municipalities in the HVC workshops. Within the fleet maintenance process the IFS Ultimo GO is also used by mechanics in the workshops on tablets. IFS Ultimo’s Electronic scheduling board enables the easy dispatch of work orders to correct mechanic. HVC has gone through a thoroughly selection process choosing IFS Ultimo offering the most rich and user friendly systems. By means of the implementation all data and processes are uniformed and the information of IFS Ultimo enables a improved cost control. The added information of the replacement planners also improves the investment decision making process big time.

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