Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) is an improvement methodology within maintenance management. A large Dutch waste-to-energy plant has installed a new slag crane. STEAM Consultancy has been asked to write an advisory report on the basis of an RCM analysis regarding risk reduction through strategic maintenance and spare-parts optimilisation.

First, we performed a number of RCM sessions together with the client. Among other things, an FMECA was carried out with a multidisciplinary team of specialists and users. FMECA (Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis) is a methodology to create a well-documented maintenance concept. Based on the input during the sessions, the requested RCM analysis was executed and a solid advisory report was created.

A good example of added value and client cooperation is the enthusiasm of the participants in these RCM sessions. Participants in the sessions were enthusiastic about the RCM methodology, partly due to our transparent working method, professional discussions and their influence on the maintenance concepts.


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Implementation Ultimo software

The most important system tool for one of our clients in the waste and renewable energy sector no longer met today's requirements. That is why STEAM Consultancy has been asked to renew the asset management system for the management and maintenance of vehicles and waste collection containers.

GFT compostering

Maintenance Optimisation

For a client in the waste and renewable energy, we have implemented a maintenance management system for the organic waste processing installations.

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Dynaway EAM

STEAM Consultancy has been asked to execute a complex implementation of Dynaway EAM in Dynamics 365FO in Italy for an international client in the chemical industry.