Process Optimisation

A logistics service provider in the port of Rotterdam has asked us to improve the internal processes and the cooperation within the maintenance organisation. The client is advised to coach the maintenance technicians.

STEAM Consultancy's senior business consultant carried out a thorough analysis to identify the bottlenecks. Subsequently the bottlenecks were converted into concrete process steps to optimise with a focus on similarities. Which also made the differences in working methods clearly visible. Through discussions and points for improvement, the maintenance organisation is better tuned to each other.

The technical process issues are tackled and safeguarded according to a transparent methodology. The client now has an efficiently operating maintenance organisation.

More projects

leidinggevende in fabriek of plant

Maintenance Optimisation

For a variety of challenges we are approached by clients. One of the ongoing projects is the processing of work orders and small changes in the asset management system set up by STEAM Consultancy.


Maintenance Optimisation

An international client with a plant in the west of the Netherlands had to be reorganised.


Implementation Ultimo software

The most important system tool for one of our clients in the waste and renewable energy sector no longer met today's requirements. That is why STEAM Consultancy has been asked to renew the asset management system for the management and maintenance of vehicles and waste collection containers.