Maintenance Optimisation

An international client with a plant in the west of the Netherlands had to be reorganised. The existing maintenance concepts turned out to be very outdated and STEAM Consultancy was asked to optimise them by deploying maintenance engineers.

We recommended the application of RCM on various production installations first. The FMECA has identified the critical objects and defined the necessary maintenance tasks. Subsequently the new maintenance plans were implemented.

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leidinggevende in fabriek of plant

Maintenance Optimisation

For a variety of challenges we are approached by clients. One of the ongoing projects is the processing of work orders and small changes in the asset management system set up by STEAM Consultancy.


Maintenance Optimisation

A government agency has asked STEAM Consultancy's senior business consultant to carry out a review on their maintenance optimisation by means of RCM.

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Dynaway EAM

STEAM Consultancy has been asked to execute a complex implementation of Dynaway EAM in Dynamics 365FO in Italy for an international client in the chemical industry.