Dynaway AX 2012

Implementation AX2012 Dynaway EAM

For Aluchemie in Rotterdam, part of Rio Tinto and Hydro, we provided the implementation, migration and optimisation of the Microsoft AX maintenance module Dynaway EAM. The EAM system that was previously used no longer met the current standard.

During the process, we first focused on the maintenance implementation in consultation with the key users involved. The processes have been redesigned. All data has been updated and restructured. In the maintenance module we also introduced a QR code scanning application for time writing and warehouse issues. This means that the client has up-to-date and accurate registration efficiently available at all times.

At the end of the implementation, STEAM Consultancy has developed new management reports together with the key users for the optimisation of the maintenance process. The client now has a better view of costs, maintenance backlog and efficiency. With an eye to the future, we also advised to use the mobile application of Dynaway EAM.

This is to make the work process more efficient so that the technicians can immediately record their findings while carrying out their work. This mobile application has now also been successfully implemented.

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A government agency has asked STEAM Consultancy's senior business consultant to carry out a review on their maintenance optimisation by means of RCM.

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A client in the south of the Netherlands in the manufacturing industry has asked us to migrate their current maintenance registration system to Dynaway EAM. The aim of this project has been internal process improvement, which includes more tightly arranged quality requirements.


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A logistics service provider in the port of Rotterdam has asked us to improve the internal processes and the cooperation within the maintenance organisation.