Each client has its own requirements and wishes. STEAM Consultancy has a facilitating and advisory role in this project. An international client in the midstream and downstream storage facilities for bulk liquids has implemented AX2012.

We have been asked by the Dutch plant to optimise this transition. That is why we have fully built up the data structure and prepared it for implementation. Safety of the installation is of critical importance to the client in this sector. One of the points to which we have given extra attention is therefore the transition of preventive maintenance plans. The frequency and content of these maintenance plans are critically reviewed and optimised against current legislation.

After the successful data implementation, we continued to optimise the structures and to focus on the wishes of the client. The work processes are analysed and improved to make optimal use of the power of the new Enterprise Asset Management system. Subsequently, the users have been educated and trained in the use of the EAM software.

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Ongoing projects

Building long-term customer relationships. That is important to us at STEAM Consultancy!

We would like to share some of our ongoing Enterprise Asset Management projects.

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Maintenance Optimisation

For a variety of challenges we are approached by clients. One of the ongoing projects is the processing of work orders and small changes in the asset management system set up by STEAM Consultancy.

Dynaway EAM

STEAM Consultancy has been asked to execute a complex implementation of Dynaway EAM in Dynamics 365FO in Italy for an international client in the chemical industry.